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Download and make sure to follow the guidelines below before proceeding:

Download and make sure to use the corresponding template for your equipment:


The following table shows the name of the primers, the associated CpG in the methylation arrays and the link to purchase the primer:

# EpiGe_primer_ID Illumina CpG ID IDT_Primer_ID Link to purchase
1 G1_1884 cg18849583 CD.GT.WFVP0601.1
2 G3_0126 cg01268345 CD.GT.PVWC1084.1
3 S1_1033 cg10333416 CD.GT.SPDR8897.10
4 S3_1292 cg12925355 CD.GT.GYJV9231.1
5 W1_2554 cg25542041 CD.GT.JBHB3172.1
6 W3_0222 cg02227036 CD.GT.JYVK6101.1

Supplementary materials

The following file is an example of a thermal cycler generated file. This file contains amplification data from a medulloblastoma sample using the Applied Biosystems QS5 thermocycler. It can be used to test the webserver without the need for your own data.

The following file is an example of a report generated by the webserver. Users can download their own analysis reports, such as this one, on their results pages. For a better understanding of the results the user can consult the tutorial or read the article published in iScience.