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EpiGe-App (Epigenetic Genotyping Application) is an interactive, user-friendly web application for the classification of medulloblastoma WNT, SHH or non-WNT/non-SHH subgroups directly from quantitative PCR (qPCR) data (please see Quantitative PCR-based, methyl-genotyping assay protocol). The basis of this classification strategy is the analysis of the methylation profile of a previously validated panel of six CpG sites with distinctive, subgroup-specific methylation profiles (Gomez et al Clinical Cancer research 2018). The obtained raw qPCR data can be directly uploaded onto the EpiGe-App for automated interpretation of methylation status and subsequent subgroup prediction the methylation class of a medulloblastoma tumour. For further details, please Gómez et al iScience 2023.